PhenoPlot-v2 coming to ISMB2020

We are creating PhenoPlot-v2, a user friendly web app, for visualising biological entities at different scales

Intuitive visualisation of microscopy data is important for facilitating results interpretation, and identification of interesting patterns. Existing visualisation approaches, such as bar charts and heat maps, do not accommodate the complexity of visual information present in microscopy data. Previously we developed PhenoPlot; the first tool of its kind for visualising cellular imaging data. Here we develop PhenoPlot-v2 that allows visualisation of various structural entities at the molecular, cellular, and/or tissue level. PhenoPlot allows representing the hierarchy or interaction between various objects such as tissue, cells, and nuclei. The user can add multiple objects and define their shapes. For example, an ellipse can be used to represent a cell and a rectangle can represent a tube. If required, the user can draw their object for more complex shapes such as neurons. Multiple visual elements can be defined for each object including object dimensions, colours, pattern filling, line features, and extrusions. The user can map the measured image features to a selection of visual elements resulting in a pictorial representation of these objects. We demonstrate that PhenoPlot aids the identification of interesting patterns when applied to datasets describing phenotypes at the cellular and tissue level.

Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow