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Oct 2023

  1. Our article with the PRISM team on AI-powered tool for predicting mesothelioma diagnosis using graph neural networks is now published in Cell Reports Medicine (Link).
  2. Shiv Jamdade and Ryan Ma joined us to work on the TransNat project.

July 2023

Dr Sailem is presenting at ISMB 2023 in Leon.

June 2023

Lakshmi joined the group to work on topological data analysis.

Mar 2023

Chun-I (Danny) Wu joins us to work on CRUK funded project. Danny will work on developing weakly supervised learning approaches for histopathological imaging data. Wellcome Danny!

Oct 2022

Heba Sailem won the Career Development Award for developing deep learning approaches for deciphering the tumour microenvironment toward improving patient outcomes.